With regards to Sabretooth being alive…

With regards to Sabretooth being alive at the beginning of House of X #1 being, as I’ve said, evidence that krakoa is happening out of continuity:

Saying that ‘The Five brought Sabretooth back before HOX#1 is not the ‘gotcha’ that you think it fucking is.

Suggesting that happened means you believe the Five deliberately brought back a Sabretooth that they knew was a psychotic killer who had had to be put down 6 months prior in War of Realms and then were then surprised he killed people on a mission.

Brought him back at the head of the queue?

Ahead of plenty of mutants that they actually like and trust?

Plenty of mutants who would have done great on that mission and *hadn’t* recently had their personality snapped back to ‘evil’, and been beheaded.

So you have to either admit he was Xavier’s purposeful fall-guy and the intent was always to condemn him without a trial or you have to admit its a different timeline.

The idea Xavier brought Sabretooth back to life in order to engineer a situation where he could casually condemn him to living death is a scary proposition.
I mean, maybe you’re right. It wouldn’t be the first time Xavier was
pointlessly, exhaustively cruel to Sabretooth for no reason.

Maybe that IS how it happened. Chuck’s a pretty sick puppy sometimes.

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