Danganronpa timeline

So I spent the last four hours juggling wiki entries and anime and game clips to try to put together a better timeline of the events of the Danganronpa series.

This was in response to a lot of things but most of all to finding out that there’s a part in the Togami novels where Byakuya runs into Kazuichi acting in capacity as a despair in Prague. I didn’t think at first that this could logically make sense as occuring but it turns out there actually is a place on the timeline where it could conceivably have happened.

In these tables, “KG” stands for the year of the 78th class Killing Game “Killing School Life.” aka DR1.



  • -10 KG: this is the earliest possible date for Monaca’s birth, making her 11 and the other warriors of hope 12 during Towa City
  • -6 KG: Mukuro joins ‘just before middle school’ and remain with the group for three years.
  • -3 KG: This is the last possible year the WOH can meet Junko before she’s busy at Hope’s Peak, the year before HP that Mukruo must have spent with Junko starting the wheels in motion for the tragedy, although the anime implies that this did not happen.
  • -2 KG: Remnants “graduate” at the end of the year, meaning class 77 needs to have spent 2 full years at Hope’s Peak canonically for the timeline to make sense. Probably they spent around half the year before graduation brainwashed and acting covertly as despairs.

-2 KG deep dive granular timeline:

Please note that because of the ambiguous nature of a lot of these events, and the lack of concrete dates and times in canon, a lot of this is speculative and me drawing conclusions from information presented. Its absolutely possible that I missed something or made an incorrect logical leap, but as best I can tell, the timeline at least looks *something* like this.

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