RE8 timeline confusion

I’m confused about how long the four Lords have been ruling over the village.  Most of the hints in the game, and the way the villagers talk about the four lords imply that they’ve been, as a unit, ruling the village for many decades. We know specifically that Lady Dimitrescu was turned in 1958 at age 44. Context seems to imply that the other Lords would have been turned around the same time too. That would imply that the Four Lords together have been in power under Miranda for around 50-60 years which mostly tracks with the way they’re treated.

However, the only OTHER concrete date we have with regard to the matter is Claudia Beneviento’s grave, in context with the Gardener’s journal. Claudia’s grave says that she died in 1996. The Gardener’s Journal *strongly implies* (but does not outright state) that Donna Beneviento was given the cadeau AFTER Claudia’s death. Which would mean sometime after 1996.

And if THAT’s true, then the Four Lords have only been the Four Lords four around 20-25 years. And that…. Just doesn’t seem right to me? It would make them younger than some of the villagers who are encountered, like Luiza.

WTF does anyone else think this is weird?

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