I’ll just say it again.

If Michael trying to have Trevor murdered and faking his own death wasn’t a desperate attempt to escape an abusive relationship, then what was it?

No shame in shipping it if you want to. Just wondering why nobody else sees it like I do.

Personally, I read it not as an attempt to escape an abusive relationship, but an attempt to escape a societally frowned upon relationship. Michael is a man who is deeply, DEEPLY entrenched in heteronormativity and the lifescript of the “american dream”. A wife, two kids, a nice house…

Its easy to see, for me at least, to see Michael faking his own death because he was terrified at the idea that he was comfortable and happy in a life of crime; being happy in a deeply homo-erotic and increasingly likely to become romantic relationship with Trevor.

I see Michael panicking at his own feelings and the idea of a future that didn’t look like what the future was “supposed” to look like to him. Being afraid that if he didn’t reject his situation as hard as possible and as soon as possible, that he was going to be swallowed up by a life that didn’t look like the lifescript, that didn’t look like the one that was “supposed” to make him happy.

In my opinion Michael was reacting not to an abusive relationship (I feel their relationship is mutually toxic, and I say that with love) but to his own internalized homophobia.

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