I’ll just say it again.

If Michael trying to have Trevor murdered and faking his own death wasn’t a desperate attempt to escape an abusive relationship, then what was it?

No shame in shipping it if you want to. Just wondering why nobody else sees it like I do.

Personally, I read it not as an attempt to escape an abusive relationship, but an attempt to escape a societally frowned upon relationship. Michael is a man who is deeply, DEEPLY entrenched in heteronormativity and the lifescript of the “american dream”. A wife, two kids, a nice house…

Its easy to see, for me at least, to see Michael faking his own death because he was terrified at the idea that he was comfortable and happy in a life of crime; being happy in a deeply homo-erotic and increasingly likely to become romantic relationship with Trevor.

I see Michael panicking at his own feelings and the idea of a future that didn’t look like what the future was “supposed” to look like to him. Being afraid that if he didn’t reject his situation as hard as possible and as soon as possible, that he was going to be swallowed up by a life that didn’t look like the lifescript, that didn’t look like the one that was “supposed” to make him happy.

In my opinion Michael was reacting not to an abusive relationship (I feel their relationship is mutually toxic, and I say that with love) but to his own internalized homophobia.

I agree with Michael having toxic masculinity and internalized homophobia. My fanfic heavily leans on that so I’m totally there.

I think there’s a kernel of truth here but there is no evidence in the game that they were ever anything more than friends. I do think it’s complicated and that Trevor wanted more from Michael than he was willing to give him. There are a lot of factors to why Michael did what he did and I wanna talk about and consider all of them. And I still don’t see why it wasn’t Michael trying to get himself and his family away from a dangerous meth addict.

I feel like the game doesn’t give us enough information to make a concrete judgement, and that the situation can easily be read with either interpretation.

On the one hand, I think Michael was absolutely within his rights to remove himself from what he probably genuinely on at least one level viewed as a dangerous situation for himself and his family.

On the other hand, the *way* he went about doing that is a great reminder of Michael’s own toxic, self-involved, short sighted and narcissistic personality traits. Its important to remember that Michael is as fucked up as Trevor, and is guilty of cheating on his spouse, and abusing his children emotionally (yes abusing I will not budge on that). He’s a tyrant at home, and his relationship with Amanda is just as, if not more toxic than whatever relationship he and Trevor had. So its not like he making a clean break and moving into a positive relationship and life.

As for whether there’s evidence in the game that they were ever “more than friends”, I agree that the game doesn’t give us any information on whether or not their relationship was ever *sexual*. However I think saying we can’t say for sure if they were ‘more than friends’ is a little disingenuous given that we see just how intense and catastrophically entangled the two are. I can’t say for certain in the text of the game that they had a *romantic* or *sexual* relationship, but I would certainly say that they were “more than friends” in the intensity of their interaction.

I agree that Michael is abusive too, but there is no need to equate his relationship with Amanda as “as or more” abusive than his relationship with Trevor. Abuse is abuse. There is no evidence in the game to suggest they were ever anything more than friends. Sorry. It’s your headcanon, not canon. As I said it’s complicated. From my pov Trevor has bpd and Michael is his fp. I think Trevor had unrequited love and Michael was conflicted. Human relationships are complicated. It is not disingenuous to say there’s no concrete evidence and I don’t appreciate the implication that there’s something wrong or underhanded with how I interpret the game just because I don’t ship what you ship.

I actually don’t think we disagree about the text of the game here, I think we’re disagreeing over what we see as the definition of “more than friends”.

I agree there’s nothing that indicates they had an explicitly romantic relationship.

However, in my personal experience of relationships, there is a lot of space between “friends” and “romantic relationship”, and I feel that Michael and Trevor’s relationship falls somewhere between the two on the spectrum. I’m not saying that their relationship was canonically non-platonic, I’m saying that I look at their relationship and see something more intense that what I would classify as a friendship.

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