things that are a-okay: not shipping trikey

things that aren’t a-okay: attempting to bring a creator down because they DO ship trikey

look, i’m relatively new to the fandom. nearly a year in. i have absolutely no doubt that people were absolute dicks in the past about trikey, especially in first few years the game came out. i’m really sorry if you experienced that. no one should have to face backlash for not agreeing over something as stupid as a fictional ship.

i cant speak for everyone obviously, but the people who i’ve met through the fandom (99% are trikey shippers) are the sweetest and most talented people i’ve ever met. most of us are 20 and above. we understand not everyone has the same opinions and views. that’s absolutely fine. (if there is someone who’s still being obnoxious on the pro-trikey side, we don’t want to interact with them either. if we are, and just haven’t noticed, please point them out and i promise all of us will have no issue blocking them.)

i only get nasty when i see my friends being attacked for no reason. like for an example, posting about a zine they want to create with other creators. they want to create art, share their passion. it’s not wrong, and it’s not hurting anyone. leave them alone.

they create a trikey only zine for people who enjoy the ship. it’s not because they purposely want to exclude others. plus, there’s nothing stopping others from making a zine themselves that doesn’t involve trikey. it can be no trikey allowed for pete’s sake. it’s YOUR content, do as you please with it!

video games are supposed to be fun and stress relieving. they also give each player the chance to experience it differently. like some characters that people hate, and hate some characters people like. that’s okay.

just don’t go after others who don’t see the same view as you. that goes for both sides here. leave people alone. block them if you decide you don’t want to see them. it’s okay. no one will be offended.

there is no right or wrong way to be in a fandom, unless you go out of your way to bring others down.

These people who feel they are entitled to be catered to in a part of the fandom they explicitly hate and don’t want to be in are just bonkers bizarre to me???

Like okay, you don’t ship trikey and you don’t want to be involved in it, but you’re mad that trikey shippers– what??? Don’t talk to you about things they’re not interested in?? Don’t make content that you’re interested in because they aren’t interested in it?

Trikey shippers don’t live to serve you! They don’t have to create content for you!

You are not entitled to the attention of trikey shippers on your non trikey content! We don’t interact with your content for the same reason you don’t interact with trikey content!! Get a grip!!

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