🔹Maddening (tumblr x-post)

I think the thing that we hate most about social media is that every time a new tragedy happens, we have to update our filters to block it out, or we will be bombarded by waves of it, multiple times a day, for weeks on end when we are just trying to enjoy our fun fandom leisure time.

We don’t want to be bombarded by terrible news and tragedy porn every time we open our feed. How do people live like this? No wonder everyone is so fucking depressed nowdays. we had to LEAVE twitter entirely years ago because there was no way to block the latest world tragedy from appearing on the sidebar of the site.

We have serious anxiety. We have CPTSD. We cannot be constantly bombarded with reminders of how terrible and cruel the world is with absolutely no way for us to take action against it.

It’s maddening.

No listen to me, it is literally maddening.

It is driving you mad. Existing in a world where your fun leisure time activity is constantly broken into with reminders about the horrible tragedies in the world and how you are somehow personally responsible if you don’t make other people aware of what is happening is literally driving you mad.

Listen to me.

You need spaces that are comfortable for you.

You need spaces that are calm.

You need a place to participate in leisure time activities that is not constantly bombarded by horror.

We cannot all continue like this.

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