🔹 So you’re stuck trying to solve a writing problem.

Maybe you’re trying to figure out what comes next in a scene. Maybe you’re trying to work out how a conversation should flow. Maybe you’re just trying to come up with an idea for something to write at all.

👉 Do something that engages your hands while leaving your mind free to wander.

🧽Clean something.

🧽 Do the dishes.

🧽 Take a shower or a bath.

🧽 Vacuum.

🧽 Dust. (wear a mask when you dust, its much nicer)

🚫 Don’t clean something that requires brainpower such as doing anything involving organizing.

🧶 Do a craft!

🧶Do fiber arts.

🧶Do a paint by numbers or a coloring book

🧶Play with modeling clay or play-doh.

🧶Do a puzzle.

🚫 Don’t engage in a craft that requires brainpower such as sketching something new, or picking out a new pattern.

👍 Do listen to music, but nothing too distracting. Music without lyrics or music that you’re very familiar with is perfect.

🚫 Don’t listen to a podcast, audiobook, or video in the background!

👉 The key is to get yourself immersed in an activity where you are busy enough not to get distracted but your brain is free to think about other things– and come up with the solution for your story!

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