🔹 Cycling through fandoms

So, we had sort of cycled around to Metal Gear after needing a break from writing so much Urusei Yatsura. Unfortunately, a long stay in MGS fandom wasn’t to be, for a variety of factors.

To be fair, the hostile anon message about our choice of ships was NOT among those factors. Mostly it was how upset that Hazel (🔫🦢) got that absolutely no one read her fic due to it being oc X canon. So we’re moving on for a while while she cools off. There were also some kin reasons for the shift but I don’t care to discuss them here.

That said, we already had intended March to be when we tackled Ace Attorney and that’s off to a great start. I have a lovely multishipping/polyshipping chart that I’ve started work on that is sure to piss off many people, and we’ve already started writing drabbles as a warm up.

We’re playing the Apollo Justice trilogy (finally!!) and rewatching the Miles Edgeworth games.

Here’s a preview of the shipping chart.


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